Pulp Magazine was a collaboration between Jack Spano, Elena Gutierrez, and myself, in an effort to create a platform to share the amazing talent that we saw while growing up in Denver. A zine that we described as a "cultural smorgasbord", we published content that we created, as well as submissions, relating to all walks of life as a high-schooler in the heart of the city. My role in this project was co-founder, editor and production manager, and the project continues to inspire my creative projects today.


Electric Forest's Coloring Book allows Forest Family to contribute to a coloring book that is sold to raise money for the Music in Schools Program, benefitting music education in Michigan public schools. The book is sold at the official festival merch booths at a multi-weekend festival with 30,000+ attendees. My roll in this project involves curating selections, digital layout of the book, and printing logisitics.